So how geeky is it that the most exciting thing to happen to me in the past few days is that I finally got a Dreamwidth account! This morning, someone posted about having an extra couple of invites, which I missed. But then someone else said she had a couple of invites too, and gave me one. So thanks [info]mandala ! You totally rock my socks at the moment!

And what shall I now do with my Dreamwidth account? Well perpetuate the geekiness of course! I finally started working on "Learning to Fight" again, and re-opened my massive/borderline epic Skins-fic We All Grow Up... At Some Point. I swore to someone I'd start posting it this summer and it's about summer, so I figured now was as good a time as any. Except there have been such a great collection of Skins-fics (I'm looking at you [ profile] sivim27 ) that I'm not quite sure if I'm up for embarrassing myself by posting my mega-crapfest of a fic. I'll guess we'll see how it goes after a few chapters, no?

The scariest thing of all is that my first fic that I post to Dreamwidth might be a Step-Up drabble that I just wrote since I'm in the middle of watching that right now... yeah, no! I need to finish a chapter of something else ASAP! iTunes Drabble-Meme, I guess you're on deck.



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