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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Florida, United States of America
Not too much to tell. I'm into a ton of different stuff, but things that are the most important to me are my family, general geekiness, and school... oh yeah, my friends are up there somewhere. I'm something of an idealist, but I don't practice what I preach as much as I'd like. I love any kind of community involvement type thing and anything dealing with politics. Some people would call me a little opinionated... but only a little. I'll admit I'm an all-around dork, but I think that's the best part of me. :o)

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a little of everything/anything really, academics, any dance movie, anything by bell hooks, budding activists, buffy, chuck, church of meg, closet broadway fan, convergence culture, dollhouse, fandom, fandom connoisseur, femmeslash, film, general geekery, general geekiness, jason mraz, kat prescott, lily loveless, lily/kat, lilykat, lolcats, lupe fiasco, matrix, meg prescott, naomi/emily, naomily, nerd/geek culture, obsessing over random shiz, paramore, plenty more, popular, potter books, public enemy, raising hell philosophically at school, reading comic books, skins, tegan & sara, that's incest and illegal, the color purple, the faint, the giver, the magnificent seven, the princess bride, too many more to name (major film geek), tv, watching movies, wicked
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