So in another random post for the evening, it is totally not kosher to read smut when your iPod is on shuffle if you know you're iPod is stoked with a considerable bit of gospel music. Because there is nothing more awkard than reading about  your favorite couple going down on one another, when "He Reigns" comes on. Inevitiably it will lead to obstensibly dirty thoughts permanently be attached to "my God is an awesome God! He reigns on heaven and earth...." Plus, if you're attached to an incredibly cracked out fandom like mine (I'm looking at you Naomily/LilyKat fans) you will then start attaching all your gospel music to thoughts of Pope Meg, and then the reading of the Naomily smut is tied to Pope Meg and Pope Meg is all like, "Woah there! We've already had this conversation about incest and its illegal-ness. Voyeurism concerning your fictional yet real life twin and her fictional yet kinda real life girlfriend still falls into this catagory. Pope Meg is displeased!" And I so don't want to displease Pope Meg, so I need to get this all under control! Like ASAP! And make sure that I only read smut while listening to my special wank-worthy playlist... I think I just admitted to having a wank playlist?!


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