Title: Maybe
Pairing: Implied Alex/Olivia
Word Count: 2157
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None that I know of, except for Lead where Alex comes back
Disclaimer: I so don't own this show, which should be evident considering Olivia is supposedly still "straight" and Alex hasn't jumped Liv's bones yet. Maybe during Alex's far too short current tenure on the show, they'll finally get it on!
A/N: I have no clue how this story got to be so long. I basically sat down a couple of hours ago and churned out this fic. It had been in my head ever since last night, when "Lead" premiered. Basically it turns out Alex has been out of witness protection for 3 years, and though the SVUers have tried to contact her, she hasn't been able to call them back. Here's my little femslash diddy as to why. Oh, and this is unbeta'd by the way, so sorry if it's got grammar errors and such!

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