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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:38 pm)
Title: Jump Your Bones

Author: QueenGreen
Rating: Maybe PG-13
Pairing: Alicia/Nastia
Disclaimer: This only ever happened in my dreams :(
A/N: So this is my first foray into RPFS, and I have very limited past fanfic resume, littered with incomplete fics. So I thought I'd try my hand at a one-shot, which was largely inspired by the "words can't describe" amazing photos of Ms. Liukin that recently went up. Also, major inspiration was offered by skyz fic "To Boston With Love" so if you haven't checked it out, you seriously need to immediately!!! Try to keep the below photos in mind while reading (if you can :) and here's the original link if you want to gawk at the other two (The Hotness That Words Can't Describe). Enjoy!

Alicia has never been short on words, but after seeing a recent photo shoot Nastia's done, there's not much she can say.



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