Title: Calm Before the Storm
Author: Queen Green
Pairing: Nikki & Nora of course!
Rating: PG at best
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote in the middle of my honors seminar (take that productivity and Adderall!) It's just a drabble, but it's given me a couple of ideas for longer fic, so if you like it, let me know and maybe I'll be encouraged to write it (that was a veiled attempt at attaining comments, by the way.)Kinda angsty, but I'm in a class about Weimar Germany right now that just has me in that mood.

Nikki's POV

And this is why you shouldn't date someone on the force. It's bad enough to have a partner put in harms way everyday, but to see someone you love, someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with beaten by some junkie or threatened at gunpoint by some punk robbing a liqour store is almost crushing. We both knew the risks when we signed up for this job, though. We equally knew it was foolish to let ourselves fall in love. Even crazier to actually act on that love. But none of that makes much difference right now. Not while I'm watching the blood pour from Nora's chest. Not while I'm desperately pressing on the wound to stop the flow. Not as she looks in my eyes so lovingly, even while the light seems to be draining from her beautiful orbs.

The paramedics are here now, shoving me out of the way. They mutter terms that I can't recognize, talking about stabilizing her, and all I want is to be back by her side. She turns to look at me again, as if she knows what I'm feeling. They gather her into the ambulance, though our eyes never leave each others, and for a moment, I see a bit of the light return. Maybe... maybe there's hope. Maybe what Nora needs from now is not the fear that seems to be sucking the air out of my lungs. Or maybe she knows. That this isn't the end. Maybe she knows it's really just the calm before the storm.



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