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Title: Searching
Fandom/Pairing: DEBS/Amy y Lucy!
Summary: [D.E.B.S.] Amy Bradshaw has spent the last two tears in a desperate search for the love of her life. Will she be sucessful, or will she loose her sanity in her searching?
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything D.E.B.S related except for the dvd and soundtrack. I know: how tragic!
A/N:So this is my first attempt at a D.E.B.S. fanfic. I must warn everybody that I'm not exactly the best writer in the world, but this is an idea that I've been toying with for a while, so I felt the need to post it. I started it a while back, but then I stalled out with it, so now I'm attempting to bring it back.

So yeah, without further ado... Searching

It had been five long years. Five years of fear. Five years of worry. Five years of searching. Searching everyday for some shred of hope, a tiny glimmer of her lost love. Five years of failing had been hard on her, but she had to keep going. It was the only way she managed to keep some semblance of sanity. If she stopped, even if only for a second, her heart would shatter it to a million little pieces. The tiny shards would cut through her until she was nothing.

She kept reviewing that day. It was almost like an endless loop in her head, that final moment. They had a fight. She’d run out to clear her head. They got so heated sometimes when they fought. She’d thought it was because they were such passionate people. That’s what had made them click in the first place, that fire that burned within both of them. It’s part of what drove them to give up everything they knew for one another. It made her think of something she had once heard on TV. “Without passion we’d truly be dead.” There’s that word again: dead. Death. DEATH!

She was blinded by a flash of light. It took her a moment to realize that she’d been driving on the wrong side of the road. She swerved and then everything went black.

It was a stupid mistake, brought on from the lack of sleep in the last few days. Being back to where it all started seemed to be enough for a while, fueled her. She felt closer than she ever had before. She didn’t have time to stop for sleep. Even as she lied in a ditch, unconscious, one name still screamed in her head.


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